We all experience heartache, pain, and suffering at some point in our lives. Holding on to any associated negativity will only serve to keep us stuck in the past and prevent us from enjoying the present moment. This is one reason why you should learn to let go and move on.

When we let go, we open ourselves up to new possibilities and opportunities. We can begin to heal the wounds of our past and build a brighter future.

Find out more in this vlog (if you would prefer to read about it, there is a video transcript below the video).

Why You Should Learn To Let Go & Move On – Video Transcript

This is about why you should learn to let go and move on…..in today’s challenging world, where there seems to be so much division between us, for various reasons.

I was reading an article by Melli O’Brien, and I would like to share a few bits of it with you.

Did you know that a rattlesnake, if cornered, often becomes so angry and agitated that it will bite itself….

This is a good metaphor for what the harbouring of hate and resentment against others represents – a biting and harming of ourselves. We often think we are harming others in holding on to ill will, but the deeper harm we are doing, is to ourselves.

If we stay angry at someone, all we are doing is making ourselves unhappy, because the other person is blissfully unaware of what is going on within us. So it really is a gift to ourselves to let go of ill will or anger.

So if we feel hostility towards someone, how can we get past these emotions?

Good will and ill will in the end, really just come down to our own intention and mindset.

We can have intentional good will towards others or intentional ill will.

It is a choice.

unhappy girl

If we can become aware when negative thoughts drive our lives, then we can invite positive ones in instead.

So why you should learn to let go and move on, is because, if we have ill will towards others we will almost certainly create vicious cycles of negativity, anger and suffering within ourselves and in relationships with others.

Goodwill however, breeds understanding, peace, connection and healing both within and without.

One strategy to transform ill will is to reflect on the good qualities of that very upsetting person. Try to remember a brief moment when this person was being kind, helpful or co-operative.

Another way is, acknowledging other people’s suffering. We can understand that despite their mistakes and flaws they probably truly want to be happy, just like we all do, and is no doubt suffering on some level, to have acted the way they did.

And so if we can see these people through the eyes of understanding, instead of wishing harm towards them, as they are probably already suffering and harming themselves. And perhaps we can even begin to wish them thoughts of loving kindness, instead of wishes of harm.

Wishing that their suffering may ease, instead of continue, can be a very challenging practice because we often don’t want to let go of our anger, but in the end this letting go of ill will is a gift we give to ourselves as we begin to fill our own mind and body with the energies of kindness, love and compassion, …

and at the same time remembering that none of us have to be perfect to be amazing!

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