Do you take note of what matters to you and follow your gut instinct?

Take a moment to stop, think, reflect and ask yourself “What Matters To Me?

Video Transcript

How much time are you spending doing stuff that you like doing?

Are the things that matter most getting your time and attention, or are you too busy for them?

Are you finding time to enjoy the things that light you up and make you happy, or are they being squeezed out of your over-full to-do list?

Does life feel like a hectic rush or a balanced flow?

We seem to sacrifice our health in order to make money. Then we sacrifice money to get our health back. And then we get anxious about the future and don’t enjoy the present; the result being that we do not live in the present or the future when it finally comes; we live as if we are never going to die, and then die we probably won’t have ever really lived.

We live in a busy, demanding world, there’s no doubt of that…and most of us would probably describe ourselves as busy people.

But if you’re not spending your time and energy where it counts, you’re surely short changing your life.

Keep asking yourself, “what really matters to me?”. And then consider this: are your actions moving you toward or away from what (or who) matters most in your life?