Success is a personal and constantly evolving concept that means something different to each individual. It involves not only achieving personal and professional goals, but also finding balance and fulfillment in all areas of life.

On the journey towards success, it’s important to assess our values and make sure we are navigating the ebb and flow in a way that aligns with our vision. It’s also essential to take care of ourselves and give ourselves time to recharge and find inspiration.

Defining success for yourself is a valuable exercise to understand what you truly desire and help the universe deliver it to you.

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What Does Success Mean To You – Video Transcript

What does success mean to you?

I think we all want success in our lives in some way shape or form, and now that we are well into the new year, how can we be successful in a way that feels good? How can we see success through different eyes maybe, can it mean something different to how we normally view success?

We can get in our own way when it comes to being successful.

When I started my own business, this was a question that was uppermost in my mind. Every time I came to set goals, I never included money, which is a bit telling. I often reflect on my success, and it’s consistently about how I can successfully help my clients into wellbeing in the most appropriate way.

That has always been my aim, and no doubt always will be. Forget about the money, hahaha, of course we can’t, it’s the way we go about earning that money that’s important, and it’s something that I keep having to remind myself about.

Every time I feel like I am achieving my aim of being successful, by being part of the dynamic, between client and me, by encouraging the body’s healing ability, then a little devil creeps in, you know, just to keep me line, just to make sure I am not getting ahead of myself in any way.

So what does success mean to you?

What does it mean to me?

It’s going to be different for everyone. My overriding aim for my success is still to get clients into a state of desired wellbeing that suits their needs.

So how do I stay successful having achieved some level of success in keeping clients in a state of wellbeing?

It seems that the challenge is staying successful, it’s not just about reaching that first goal, the goal is not static, it’s a never ending journey. As I continually grow and learn and clients present with different issues, it’s like an ebb and flow of success.

There is a complex beauty to the ebb and flow to success, it’s about going with the current, placing ourselves in the river of life that suits us, rather than trying to swim upstream against the current and ‘doing’ success in the way that we think is right, probably in an inflexible way, rather than allowing the ebb and flow to assist success in a flexible way.

We can also become complacent, take our foot off the gas, and loose sight of this continual complex beautiful goal. I think it’s important to assess our values, and how they change over time, because this will definitely have an impact on how we navigate the ebb and flow of the river of goals and success.

If we don’t achieve our goals, or perhaps we find ourselves on a bit of a detour, it might feel like we have put our ladders up against the wrong wall, so to speak, so we have to remember not to be too hard on ourselves as we move along our ‘success’ journey.

And of course it’s not just about our calling, vocation, job, career, or whatever we want to call it, it’s also about how we bring balance to our life and work. So often we put ourselves at the back of the queue when it comes to looking after ourselves, we need to have play time as well as work time, so that can we give ourselves enough nurturing time to allow inspiration to land. And that includes planning holidays, how many hours a day, or how many days a week we work, also time spent with friends and family, and nurturing time for ourselves. All of this is really important.

So what does success mean to you?

A good way to sort this out is to take some time, special time, with pen and paper, and find out what success looks like for you, get very clear otherwise how will the universe know what to deliver to you.

That’s my sharing for today.

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