The body’s happy hormones are those that are responsible for feelings of joy, pleasure, and happiness. These hormones work together to create positive emotions and experiences.

To find out what your happy hormones are and how to trigger them, watch the video below. If you would prefer to read about them, please scroll down under the video.

What are Happy Hormones? – Video Transcript

We all want a quick fix:

  • I want to feel better than I do now, eat healthy food, get fitter
  • I want to make a difference
  • I want to spend happy time with friends and family.

So what is the answer?

– take some action, one step at a time. 

If we do a little bit of everything we want to do, we will start to release our happy hormones that are so good for us, and will bring into balance, the ones that put our immune systems under pressure.

take some action

So often we want something, but only from a safe distance, so we don’t have to take action, because it feels like it might be too much, too daunting, too daring, too scary. I am guilty of this too, and as soon as I get over myself, I think to myself, what was that all about. Our minds sees change as a threat, that’s why we are scared, scared of making a mistake, or scared of failing – and then what will everyone think?

When we take that first step of action, just a toe in the water, that’s all, we can be daring enough to leave our comfort zone, to get curious about what we can do, see what’s possible. If we can get out of our safety zone, and get going, we can start to activate our happy hormones.

Happy hormones?

What are those?

We can hack our happy hormones in a number of ways:

  • food
  • exercise
  • having a good laugh
  • meditating
  • having a treatment like Bowen (obviously, because thats a treatment that I offer).

Once we are aware of our ‘happy’ hormones, and how to trigger them, we can activate them, making us happier, losing our stress and going after our goals

Our happy hormones are Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins


Can you imagine being told that it’s good to eat chocolate to produce dopamine, wow. I think we need to be a bit cautious here, as milk chocolate might not agree with your microbiome, so instead go for dark chocolate, and then on the serious side, we need to eat protein.  And because our gut and brain are linked, we need to eat probiotics to improve our mood.

The feel good or reward chemical, Dopamine is also released when we exercise.  So find what exercise suits you, that you enjoy and activate your dopamine.

Do get a good nights sleep as when it’s time to wake up in the morning, the brain is flooded with dopamine.

Listening to music that you love is another way of releasing dopamine.  I like dancing around like an idiot listening to music of my choice.

We also get little dopamine ‘hits’ from checking items off a to-do list, I have to own up to this.

And meditation is another good way of releasing dopamine, research has found a good increase in dopamine after meditation, as opposed to resting quietly.

And lastly get some dopamine boosting sunshine, it will also improve your mood.


And now on to oxytocin.  There is an overlap in what these chemicals can do, so forgive me for repeating myself. Oxytocin is the bonding molecule, which is linked to hugs and touch. So here comes the repeat bit:

Hugs, hugs, hugs, long and caring ones

Try yoga… or walking in nature

Listen to music — or make your own like I do when I dance around like an idiot

Get a treatment, Bowen of course

Tell someone how much you care. …this is such a nice thing to do, and I think you should do it as often as you can, it feels good for you and there other person

Spend time with your friends … when we are around other people, especially in close contact, it gives us a feeling of safety, belonging and calmness.

And of course, meditate …

And make your conversations count, thats important, make them deep ones.


And now… Serotonin, it helps us make choices and is helped along by exercise, meditation, putting our bodies in the sunlight, getting a treatment, being with friends and family, and eating unprocessed wholesome food.

I did warn you about the overlap, at least you can trigger more than one of  these happy hormones by doing much the same thing – all good news.


And lastly Endorphins, the pain relief hormone that also increases our feelings of wellbeing when exercising, eating chillies and chocolate, meditating, and having a good laugh with friends and family.

So it’s not about a quick fix, but it is about knowing how to find your triggers for motivation, wellbeing, by familiarising yourself with your happy hormones.

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