Project Description





Reflexology may work in a variety of ways – stimulating nerve endings, energy zones and meridians.  Regardless of which method of stimulation is used reflexology may alter the state of the physical body, allowing natural life force energies to penetrate all cells, which can automatically replenish the energy flow on every level.

Meridians are energy pathways all over the body that link our internal organs with the other parts of the body.  These energy channels are the pathways for the circulation of our vital life force.  Reflexology can be effective in revitalising this energy flow along meridian lines and stimulating the autonomic nervous system, which is linked to every part of the body.

Reflexology may also stimulate the nerve endings in the feet and send signals along the nerve pathways to the central nervous system where they are processed and filtered to the corresponding part of the body or the organ being worked on.  By clearing the nerve pathways of congestion, reflexology can help restore the free flow of ‘energy circulation’ within and around the body. This may realign the mind, body and spirit to a state of well being and harmony.

Reflexology may support all systems of the body to function at optimum levels, thus assisting the body’s own ability to correct and heal itself.  It is a gentle non-invasive form of healing that works to bring balance to the whole body so that imbalances and illness may be naturally resolved.

  • Alleviate stress

  • Address headaches

  • Ease constipation

  • Decongest the chest and sinuses

  • Improve the Immune System

  • Lift depression

  • Reduce fatigue

  • Improve digestive problems

  • and much more!!

“I have received reflexology treatment from Joan for over ten years. I’m always treated with respect and dignity as a person with unique needs both physical and psychological; a truly holistic approach in a relaxed atmosphere. Joan is very ‘down to earth’, caring, empathetic and utterly professional. Totally recommended!”