Emmett Technique

Emmett Technique

Emmett Technique is truly a complementary therapy as it combines easily with all other bodywork as well as being applied in isolation.  It is an understanding of the body’s response to light touch, a useful analogy might be the body reacting to touch in a similar way to the workings of a touch-screen.

The Emmett Technique may also interact with the body as described in the science of Critical Point Analysis :

‘In any highly complex system there is a specific, critical point at which the smallest input will result in the greatest change’.

In other words, a light touch on a small cog can halt the largest engine.  These critical points are located and reset with the correct stimulation by the therapist. The stimulation is registered by the receiver’s nervous system and their brain responds by sending new instructions back to affect the physical state of the localised area. The result is often instantaneous physical change.

The sequence of muscle activation points used in Emmett can unlock muscle memory.  This activation gives the brain the opportunity to set up a new state of homeostasis and provides an opportunity for re-alignment of the body.

It involves the application of light finger pressure at specific points.  A combination of the right amount of pressure, in the right direction and for the right amount of time, is tailored to suit each individual, which creates the desired physical change.

The Emmett Technique supports, and is:

  • A method that uses light finger pressure at specific locations to initiate the release of tension in problem areas

  • A safe and simple muscle release therapy

  • A useful way to address pain and discomfort

  • Way to improve movement restrictions

Symptoms which have been relieved:

  • Neck and shoulder restriction

  • Lymphatic congestion and breathing

  • Migraines or cluster headaches

  • Abdominal cramps and bowel discomfort

  • Persistent heel and foot pain

  • Headaches, dizziness and sinus congestion

  • Back and hip discomfort

  • …and much more!!

“I had suffered with whiplash following a car accident and my neck and shoulders went into spasm. As I am self-employed I can’t afford to take time off work or wait for the ‘routine physio appointment’. I was extremely lucky that Joan had had a cancellation so could see me the very next day. Thankfully the initial treatment relieved the pain and stiffness sufficiently that I could continue with work, and after a few more Emmett treatments I was pretty much sorted. What an amazing technique.”


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