Are you ready to delve into the art of setting goals and resolutions for the new year that are not just aspirations but attainable milestones?

Goals are the compass guiding personal and professional growth, offering not only direction but also the motivation and purpose vital for a fulfilling life.

So if you are thinking of making any resolutions or setting some goals for 2024, watch the video below.

(If you would prefer to read about goal setting instead, scroll further down for a transcript instead).

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Setting Goals and Resolutions for the New Year that are Actually Achievable – Video Transcript

Today is about Setting goals and resolutions for the new year that are actually achievable, setting goals can be a fundamental aspect of personal and professional development.

Goals provide direction, motivation, and a sense of purpose in life.

Whenever I set a goal or an intention there are a few things that are important to me, that’s being clear and focused, and then it’s sort of easy-ish to work out what my motivation is

So, how to work out motivation…..

I have fallen off the motivation perch a few times in my life, recently I listened to Laura Koniver talking about how Dr Terry Wahls recommends finding motivation. This is my take on it.

It doesn’t matter what your goal is:

  • it could involve your job
  • it could be dietary
  • it could be exercise
  • it could meditating every day
  • it could be about taking time out from being on social media
  • or just about getting outside and putting your feet on the ground and breathing in the air that we so take for granted
  • or maybe it’s prioritising sleep
  • or anything you want to do for your long term health or life.

So often we find any excuse to put off what we know will benefit us, because it takes commitment, and we struggle to stick with our intentions, particularly when we want to start the new year off with a positive bang.

So here’s one way to think about what would motivate you to setting goals and resolutions for the new year that are actually achievable:

What would be worth running into a burning building for, without a seconds hesitation, bearing in mind that you might not make it back out, but you are so compelled to run into this burning building?

Might it be for a family member, a good friend, your animals, or it could be a cause you feel strongly about.

You can use this as your reminder for motivation to stick to your goals, especially when you tend to go off piste, like when you keep sneaking up on your fridge, for something to chomp on, or when you don’t get up in time to meditate, or when you don’t drink enough water, or you do a little detour around walking shoes that you have placed right next to the front door.

What is so meaningful to you that even in the face of pain, discomfort and possibly death you would still want to do the work?  

Which begs the questions, what do you want your life for, you have to know what you want your life for in order to work on and survive the discomfort of improving it.  It’s like wanting to know what you want your health for, to endure discomfort, while improving your health.

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So what is the meaning of your life, completely independent of its length, is there something inside of you, that you know, love, value, or cherish or believe so strongly??? –  that is the meaning of your life, independent of how long you are here for.

What are you willing to go into that burning building for?

And here is another strategy to work out what your motivation is, imagine that you are part of a tribe and that there is another tribe that is going to try and take your land and maybe even your life, and you think that you have information that will help win the battle, that will help your loved ones.

So what would make you turn around, and walk back into battle, knowing that you might not survive the battle, in order to give this info to your society, what are you willing to contribute, to your society, independent of your life span?

If you have something in mind that’s great, it might be an ideal, or a value you hold dear, or it might be about your children, siblings, or parents. It might also be something historical, something cultural, that you want to pass on. And you might want to pass it on by writing a book, or by story telling of a lived experience, or it might be a physical item you want to pass on, so that it survives you, it could be research, science, history, art, it’s anything that is in your heart so deeply that you are willing to walk back into battle knowing that you will likely die, but it will be worth it because your society will live on.

It’s really about having a connection to something bigger than ourselves

What is the reason you will stick to your goal, when you get uncomfortable, what is so important to you that makes your life span no longer that important?

What is so valuable in your heart, in your mind, what are you so aligned with, whether you have 2 weeks left, or 2 decades left, what is worth it to you to say my life no longer matters that much?

It means you would be able to cope with any pain, any discomfort, because this ‘thing’ is bigger than me

It might be sticking to fasting, which is really hard to do, it can’t be just to Iive a few more days, or months, or years, it has to be something bigger than your lifespan, then you won’t have any problem sticking to any goal.

These are incredible ways to work out your motivation, very deep, and revealing, it’s worth taking some quiet time to consider these questions, they can be inspiring and challenging to consider even if you don’t have any immediate goals to set.

So when you have identified your goal, if you have one, and your motivation is clear then it’s time to make an action plan.

Are your goals short or long term, large or small? and if they are overwhelming, break them down into smaller more manageable milestones. And give each milestone a date, just to help keep you on track.

Outline the specific actions, tasks and resources needed to achieve each goal, and regularly assess your progress.

Stay flexible, be open to adapting your goals as you face different challenges or as opportunities present themselves.  And of course remember your motivation, often, as it is inspirational. And as you reach milestones, celebrate your achievements, it’s also part of keeping your motivation going.

And every so often review and reflect your goals to make sure they align with your evolving priorities and values, this is really important, and tweak or set new goals as needed.

Remember that setting goals is a dynamic process. It’s not just about achieving the end result, it’s also very much about the journey, and personal growth that occurs along the way. Goals give your life purpose and direction, helping you move toward a more fulfilling and meaningful future.

What are your thoughts around goal setting? Feel free to leave a comment below.