How often do you feel ‘Not good enough’ and feel that you ‘don’t belong’?

I love these words written by Nic Askew called “The Grand Predicament”
Please get compfy for a couple of minutes whilst I read them to you.

(Or, you can read them for yourself below the video.)

“The Grand Predicament” Words by Nic Askew

A fear of not belonging drives much of what we do and how we are.

Unknowingly it can define the experience of a life.

Most of us live with an underlying sense that we are not yet enough.

And assume that until we are we cannot truly belong.

We assume that we must become a better version of ourself.

But we’re never quite enough in this relentless pursuit of belonging.

We are lost to a never ending self improvement.

Might we have been looking out there when all along it had been within?

Might we already be the version we’d been seeking?

Beyond the endless game of fixing what is seemingly broken there exists a profound experience of knowing that there is no one to fix.

That we are enough as we are. And that we belong without condition.

Yet we cannot seek and hope to find this. As its nature is to find us. And to consume us with no doubt.

No one can teach us this. We cannot learn this.

In a moment of surrender. In a moment of not seeking, the experience can be re-known.

Nothing changes but everything is somehow different.

And then everything begins its transformation.

Liberation, peace and all that follows is the work of Inner View.

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