I previously shared an article explaining what grounding or earthing is, you can read it here: What is grounding or earthing?  So today, I thought I would share some of the fascinating scienc-y stuff about how grounding works, and how the body can optimise itself.

I have also recorded a short guided grounding meditation exercise for you, which you will find by scrolling down.

So How Does Grounding Work? – The Science

I was listening to an interview with Dr Laura Koniver, and I just had to share some of her fab research info.

When we put out intention behind it, we can take the grounding exercise to another whole level.

When we touch the earth, our entire body is instantly grounded because our entire musculoskeletal system, all our organs and soft tissues are conductive.

Think of the earth as our charging station, there are 2 ways that the earth gives us DC energy, one is a constant heart beat, that’s the Schumann Resonance, (imagine a continuous S pulsing through the earth) that’s DC energy, so when we touch the earth, DC body is instantly grounded, electrically, to the earth, and it puts our body into a healing state.

child sitting in grass grounding

The Carnegie Curve

The other way we get DC energy from the earth, in the long term, is with the Carnegie Curve.

This is how it works:

It sync’s us, day and night:

  • to get us sleeping better
  • to get our energy back
  • and to get our organ systems working better.

It’s a 24 hour rhythm, so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, the Carnegie Curve is synced to that time zone, in a 24 hour rhythm.

It has a peak at 7pm and a trough at 3am, and it informs our body whether it is day or night.  And on top of that it’s elliptical, (imagine circles pulsing through the earth) and it’s seasonal.

It’s at it’s strongest in the summer and winter, and weakest in the spring and autumn.

So it’s this daily elliptical (pulsing circles) and up and down (imagine S curves pulsing continuously) that plays out in an annual pattern which informs our body, no matter what season we are in or where we live.

So when we live, disconnected from the earth, as I did, when I lived on the 9th floor many years ago, our health can deteriorate, because we stop getting that information from the earth. In other words we are deregulated, or internally de-syncronised. So when we feel really ‘off’, the first step is to get outside and ground ourselves.

There are so many conductive surfaces outside that can instantly ground us, touch a leaf on a tree and you are grounded, you don’t need to be barefoot. Hug a tree, put your face against a tree, and you are grounded. If you are lying on a picnic blanket and you don’t want to touch the earth with bare feet, you can just touch the ground with a pinkie finger.  Or if you are in a boat and put a finger in the water, you are grounded.

Anything on the earth grounds you, like water, or even sitting on the pavement made out of brick or concrete can ground you. You might not want to hear this, but washing the dishes is grounding, and of course you will feel great from being grounded after a bath or a shower. So it should be easy to get at least 15 minutes a day of grounding, and it will make a difference.

It can make a difference to our lung function, heart function, and metabolism.

It really optimises our bottom line health, our metabolic rate, by boosting our digestive process, so if you have got indigestion, go outside and get grounded.

It also improves sleep, lowers blood pressure, and muscle tension decreases immediately as soon as we get grounded, and we shift from fight and flight to rest and digest.

What’s not to like about doing a bit of grounding!

Because each cell in our body is primed to receive conductive healing, we can experience an instant response, even for chronic old issues, because the earth can send relief and repair to an area that may be encapsulated by scar tissue which may not be accessible any other way than electrically – that is the incredible power of the grounding of our musculoskeletal systems.

If it’s cold, get wrapped up and just touch the earth with one finger and you’re grounded, and if it’s warm you can lie down on the ground, with your whole body, and its just as effective as using one finger.

So get outside and touch the earth – here is a short (5 minute) guided grounding meditation to help you.

Short Guided Grounding Meditation

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