By this time of year, a lot of us have given up on our New Year’s resolutions. I recently read that only about 10% of people achieve them.

I have so often made a New Year’s resolution to loose weight, and of course never do. So I thought about what was really behind wanting to loose weight, and for me, it is wanting to feel energetic, to feel in control of a bit of my life, so, when I started to do a variety of exercises, some stretches, a brisk walk around the local marine lake,  using an exercise bike spread through the week, that is exactly what happened.  There was a feeling of wellbeing that crept in, and I started to feel better and actually wanted to exercise.

I don’t enjoy going to the gym, I have tried that many times, so being in charge of doing some exercise whenever I want without the faff of putting gym clothes on, is great.  I just get on the bike at home or go out for my walk in my non gym clothes. These various exercises are a real success for me, it fulfils my desire to feel healthier and be more in control of myself.

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