It’s New Year and full of promise and I have a leading question for you:

Are you the person that you really want to be?

I think this is the main theme for setting goals at the beginning of each New Year.

Find out more in the video below.

Gratitude for 2023 – Video Transcript

It’s New Year and full of promise and I have a leading question for you – are you the person that you want to be?

I think this is the main theme for setting goals at the beginning of each new year.

I have seen many new years in, so the older I get, the more I feel like I am the person that I want to be. I am talking about the inner me, the outer body is a bit creaky, but I learn from my creaky bits too, so I am not complaining, in fact I am continuously amazed at how well my body does despite what it has to deal with.

Gratitude, gratitude, and more gratitude is the name of the game.

I am so blessed to have lived long enough to have my hair turn grey and to have laughter lines  etched into my face. So many haven’t laughed enough and have shuffled off before their hair could turn silver.

Every time a New Year arrives I say thank you for another year that I have been given, and as each year goes by I get kinder and less critical of myself, in fact, I am a good friend to myself, more and more.

Every time I think of my cuddly bits, and worry about having a piece of cake, or a latte, I enjoy those few minutes of naughtiness, without beating myself up, and then get sort of back on the wagon.

I love the freedom that comes with ageing

Kike having a lie-in without feeling guilty, and thinking I should be rushing around doing something

Even when I rely on lists, because I can’t hold everything in my head, that’s okay too, and of course, just by the by,  I love lists.  Just so long as I remember the important stuff, the rest can just be parked.

I will dance with myself on New Years Eve

I will smile and hug everyone, and not only on New Year’s Eve, I have to say. Hugs are soooo incredibly important for our wellbeing, so I give extra long hugs on new years eve, and will be sure to do whenever possible throughout the year.

I also like to express my thanks

Saying thank you can be more powerful than a compliment when it is personal, like ‘you make me feel good when you do that’. And just a simple thank you goes a long way to make everyone feel good.  It’s a really good goal to set for a new year.

Another way of looking at being thankful, is being appreciative for everything that I have, of having enough. I find it really liberating knowing that I have all that I need, with no striving for more and more things. I do count my blessings that experiences are more important to me than things.

Boundaries are something that I feel strongly about, and am grateful that I can put boundaries in place, even if it is uncomfortable. I remind myself that we teach others how to treat us, so putting boundaries into place is a good way of fulfilling our potential, and becoming more the person we want to become.

As I ease further into my delicious years, I can say “no” and mean it, and I can say “yes” and mean it. This isn’t always easy to do, but is so liberating, as it becomes easier and easier to put boundaries into place, and take little or no notice of what other people think.

So become the person you want to be.

Set yourself free for 2023 with gratitude and thanks, lots of it.

That’s my sharing for today.

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