Suffering with shoulder pain?

The way we walk, the way we sleep, sit, drive, move our bodies, and interact with the world, impacts our bodies.

Bowen therapy is a gentle yet profoundly effective treatment that aims not only to alleviate shoulder pain but to restore harmony within our entire system.

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Bowen Treatment For Shoulder Pain – Video Transcript

The way we walk, the way we sleep, sit, drive, move our bodies, and interact with the world, impacts our bodies.

So often I find my shoulders up near my ears in response to a drama on TV, let alone in response to real life.  So in response to life’s drama’s our nervous systems kick in to keep us safe and this can lead to an unconscious holding of our shoulders, which could lead to sore and swollen tissue, and if this becomes a normal response pattern, as is so often the case, it can lead to chronic inflammation.

As far as dealing with shoulders, and obviously this is not naming all the shoulder muscles, we have:

  • the pec major in the front
  • the lats and traps at the back
  • and the ones under the armpit, the serratus
  • and all the other smaller ones that can be the cause of discomfort

and of course then we have the fascia, or connective tissue if you like, lymph vessels and nerves that could be involved in the discomfort, and that’s just part of the orchestra that I have named that tunes up the body in that area.

When we have shoulder pain we think of them in isolation, and think we can just have the specific point, spot, muscle treated, yeah right, you might have pain in the deltoid if you look at the picture, you can see that any number of muscles could be causing the pain.

Add into the mix, how the brain interprets pain.

Lorimer Moseley (he is a pain scientist) tells a story about himself when he was on his way to have a swim in the river, as you do, I forgot to mention he lives in Australia, so on his way down to the river walking through the bush, he felt something touch his calf, he looked down and didn’t see anything, so carried on walking and the next thing was he woke up in hospital. He had been bitten by a deadly snake, he was really lucky to survive.

Some while later he was walking in the bush again, and his calf just brushed a twig, after which  he was instantly in excruciating pain, because his brain was saying – you are going to die. That’s how our brains interpret pain, so it can be really over protective and overreactive sometimes, as was the case with the twig incident.

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So when we injure ourselves, say for instance our shoulders are hurting because of how we do one action too often, and if this is in response to what’s going on in our lives, then every time something happens that is emotionally or physically challenging, our brains interpret this as more pain, and we are caught in a cycle of discomfort, until we can learn to manage our stress levels better.

The Trapezius is involved in our primitive response to danger – it’s when we lift our the heads, when looking out for danger.  This muscle senses the danger to our modern day stressors like worries about money, work, home life etc, which means this muscle is overworked, being in constant flexion, and of course the lats and pecs, and all the other muscles in the area,  will be compensating for what’s happening with the traps.

And if we spend lots of time on our phones, and in front of a screen, then this muscle, the SCM can contribute to the discomfort as well.

One of my favourite mantras is ‘There is nothing that is not connected’.

The muscles and fascia in the shoulders, under and around the arm pits influence tissue, far and wide, like the pecs can have an impact on the forearm – just for example. The pec major connects down through to our abdominal six pack, I won’t show you how well developed mine is,  and then to the adductors (which are the muscles that attach at the inner front-ish of the thigh bone.  And then the lats are linked through the glutes and down to the hamstrings.  That’s how much the ‘shoulder’ area can impact the rest of the body. And that’s just another one example.

There are a lot of lymph vessels in the shoulder area our lymphatic system is crucial for our immune system to function well and for protecting us from inflammation and illness, and keeping our lymphatic flow smooth and free from lymph congestion is absolutely critical to our health and well-being – so if the shoulder area is tight, the tightness can restrict the flow of everything, so the lymph system needs to be addressed before any muscle and fascia issues are addressed.

Having an NST Bowen treatment is a real plus, because it allows adhesions to free up, the lymph system is stimulated to allow fluid to flow more freely in connective tissue, it also helps the blood supply because of the fluidity increase. And capillaries travel through fascia, and nerves rely on blood supply, which is increased by a Bowen treatment.  All of this adds up to relief of painful symptoms, not only of the shoulder area, but the whole body.

A treatment impacts our proprioceptors and mechanoreceptors which are part of the nervous system.  They are sensory nerve receptors situated in the fascia, muscles, tendons, joints, and the lining of the bone.  They get information to the central nervous system about the movement and positions of the limbs, torso, head, and neck

And the treatment consists of carefully orchestrated movements, along the spine and at specific points throughout the body. These movements consist of a subtle rolling of muscle, nerve, tendon and connective tissue which is sooo relaxing.

And it’s this deeply relaxed state, that facilitates the impact of specific soft tissue moves that seems to act upon the body’s autonomic nervous system to enable it to achieve homeostasis, at a cellular level, and so allows the body to regain its own natural balance.

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