In the episode of Teatime With Joan, take a moment to recognise that success is a habit and a process, not a destination.

Your stars might be aligning sooner than you think…

(If you would prefer to read about this, there is a video transcript below the video).

Video Transcript

There was an amazing light show recently over the local lake. Light was shone onto a curtain of water.

The light show was entitled “Constellations”, so I thought I would check to see if your stars are in alignment. So mark your calendar, your stars might be aligning sooner than you think.

Just start reminding yourself of things that are worth being positive about and hype yourself up to tackle whatever obstacles are currently infront of you.

Succces is a habit and a process, not a destination. Our ups and downs, twists and turns are our journeys and it doesn’t help if we’re impatient when things don’t happen quickly enough. All these twists and turns are just moments in our journeys, moments helping us to fulfil our potential.

We are where we are meant to be even if we are unsure of where our lives are leading us. Whatever it is that we are feeling about that, we are feeling it for a reason. So if it feels like a bad day, just allow that feeling. If you can do that, the so called bad day feeling will pass much more quickly and easily.

And of course you want to be able to see your growth on a daily basis, well you can’t because it’s like trying to watch your hair grow in the mirror. So if you feel you aren’t getting anywhere, compare where you were 3 months or a year ago to where you are today, instead of comparing yourself to yesterday.

You can get lots done if you stay present and don’t get distracted.

And if it’s any comfort at all, we are all in this together, in the same boat, just experiencing the rocking and the surfing of the boat differently. You aren’t the only one who doesn’t know how things are going to pan out in the future and sometimes just reminding ourselves that we are not alone is enough to get us moving in a positve direction again.

If you are ever feeling really low, just do a quick check:

Do I still have a pulse?
Do I have a roof over my head?
Do I have food to eat?
Do I have a friend that I can phone?

If you do, then you have lots to be grateful for.

All you have to do is start appreciating the things you have right now, in front of you. And if you think you aren’t where you want to be in life and you want to make changes, it’s never too late. Today is just as good a day to start as any.

Just start.

Start Now.

And be willing to play the long game and see where that takes you for however long that takes.

So get inspired, get excited and get started!

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