When we become too attached to the outcome, we can start to fixate on the destination instead of enjoying the journey.

This can lead to feelings of disappointment and discouragement if things don’t go according to plan. It’s important to remember that reaching our goals is a process, and there will be ups and downs along the way.

We most often have our goals in our sights, without including the practicalities and ‘living’ the journey to get to the those goals. We also often depend on hope to reach our goals, or to make our dreams real.

We might need to side step hope, and the fear of failure, and rather invite clarity and tenacity in…

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Are You Too Attached To The Outcome? – Video Transcript

We most often have our goals in our sights, without including the practicalities and  ‘living’ the journey to get to the those goals.  We also often depend on hope to reach our goals, or to make our dreams real.

Hope can propel us into action and we dive straight into hard work – planning and forming a strategy – not always with enough reality included in the plans.

And then those sneaky doubtful thoughts come knocking –  what if we fail????

We will lose hope feeling that it has misled us, and perhaps dip into despair, and ask ourselves,

what was I thinking?

why did I think I could ever do this…..?

and then we feel life is a bit meaningless, our inspiration has fizzled out, and our fear of failure has turned out to be true.

“We might need to side step hope, and the fear of failure, and rather invite clarity and tenacity in.”

That’s when our focus is more objective and we can feel a bit braver, particularly in light of our previous experience of feeling insecure.

Invite Clarity - Quote

I have first hand experience of this, fairly often actually, and once I get over myself, my confidence improves immediately.

I have absolutely no doubt this is an ongoing cycle of growth, which is quite thrilling.

Once we have side stepped hope and are a bit more comfortable with feeling a teeny bit insecure and being open to what is ahead of us, we are well on the road to creating something that we have desired, and not only that, if we aim to enjoy the journey rather than getting fixated on the outcome, I think that is the secret to success.

I always say that wisdom lands far too late, but when it does land, it is so good, it’s like all my stars have come into alignment.

So, if we go on a journey without getting too attached to the outcome, we become curious rather than anxious about the result. We might even look forward to being faced with a challenge, as the journey has lured us in, filled us with energy.

The journey is about what works, not who is right or wrong, that’s the wisdom that lands, a knowing that there is constant change. My own definition of perfection, is being a master of change.

How do we become masters of change while accomplishing our goals in our busy lives?

Our busy-ness often means we are living our lives on auto-pilot, missing out on the joy and creativity of our journeys. And the more we do, the less we tend to pause and reconnect with what really matters deep down in our hearts. And then it’s just all too easy to lose our way.

There is an enormous amount of value in making space in our lives, to pause and check in with ourselves.

You might want to check in with yourself, on a daily basis, and a couple of ways to do this is to meditate, keep a journal, or take a walk in nature.

And also, get curious about the following:

Am I making time for the things that really matter?

What is keeping me up at night?

Am I living in a way that feels truly connected to my values?

What conversations have I been putting off that are really  important?

What decisions need to be made that have not been made?

Am I being the person that I want to be?

What is something that is on my mind consistently that should be addressed?

Are my goals in line with my values?

Am I being too hard on myself?

Am I too attached to outcomes?

Are You Ready To Change Your Mind?

Sometimes life can get in the way and it seems we couldn’t possibly find time to fit all this questioning and curiosity into our busy-ness.

But when we take time to pause and reflect, we let go of all the distractions, reconnect to our heart and our wisdom, making space for our creativity to take us on our journey to our goals.

By doing regular check ins like this we can grow in self awareness and wisdom and keep adjusting our inner compass to true north and to a life full of meaning, purpose, connection and fulfilment, guided by our curiosity.

Remember our dreams are woven into our journeys and are like a beacons for us, and they pull us through the challenging moments of our lives. They are part of us, which means we are responsible for the creation of how we feel, feelings of happiness, confidence, courage, and any other emotions that drives your life.

So be the beacon in your own life, because you are that light.

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