Whilst there are lots of available ways to manage stress and anxiety, not every method you come across will suit you.

The secret is to find what works for YOU and integrate it into your life so you can grow into more and more of your potential.

The following video takes a look at 4 ways I prefer to use in my life.

If you would prefer to read about them, there is a transcript of the video further below.

Be Kind

I have 4 favourite themes that I rely on in my life, that I highly recommend. They are:

  • mindful self care
  • getting out into nature
  • different breathing exercises to suit the occasion
  • journaling

I don’t always do all of them, all of the time, otherwise these pleasurable activities can become a chore, rather than something that  inspires me.

Getting Out Into Nature

There are wonderful benefits of getting out into nature, whether you are digging in the garden or walking through the local woods, there are beneficial bacteria around, and if we come in contact with it, or inhale it, it triggers a group of neurons in our brains, that releases serotonin.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for mood, so if you want your mood lifting, and your wellbeing boosted, dig in the garden, or go for a walk in the woods.

Mindful Self Care

And then, in my experience we are not that good at giving ourself a break of any kind, in other words being self-compassionate, or doing something for ourselves. So often this is about putting boundaries in place that are good for us, good for the other person, and good for the situation.

Self compassion is a way to cultivate courage, courage to be compassionate to ourselves, because sometimes we don’t believe that we don’t deserve to be loved. We frequently think of self compassion as being weak, well it’s not, it’s about being firm and gentle at the some time, so we can take control of our lives, in a really good way.

Breathing Exercises

Something else I find invaluable, and perhaps it’s the most important and overlooked tool for better health, is better breathing.

When we are overworked or overwhelmed, we quite often hold our breath, and seem to get stuck in shallow breathing, which can be useful in dangerous situations, as the brain is alerted to produce adrenaline, so our bodies are prepared for the well known fight or flight response. This process can save our lives but it can also really deplete our general wellbeing.

Breath work is crucial in resolving stress, anxiety, and is helpful in promoting stronger immune systems, calming the nervous system, aiding digestion and improving brain function.


And last but not least, journaling is great for ‘dumping’ our anxieties onto paper.  Taking time to reflect via writing down what is worrying us, allows us to find answers for our concerns, and also provides opportunities for our potential to be more easily revealed, in other words using our successes and our perceived misfortunes as stepping stones to future triumphs or aha moments

If you would like to consider some of these elements or themes, I have a simple course on offer where you can explore some options to open up to more of your potential.  So, please do have a look by clicking the button below if you are interested.